Come join us on Thursdays to hear what the Bible says about some of the questions we ask ourselves in life (often with no good answers). Bible studies will be followed by a delicious, home-cooked dinner and then some fun games together!

Bible Study Thursday, August 29 @ 7 PM
Stamp, Student Involvement Suite, Terrapin AB 

Upcoming Events

8/29 @ 7 pmBible Study & Bingsoo (Shaved Ice)
8/31DC Outing
9/5 @ 6:30 pmBible Study & Korean Food
9/7Dim Sum Outing
9/12 @ 6:30 pmBible Study & Chinese Food
9/14H-mart (Asian Market) Run
9/19 @ 6:30 pmBible Study, Vietnamese Food & Bowling
9/26 @ 6:30 pmBible Study & Japanese Food

Contact Nayoung Kim at for more info.